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World War 1 and the Loss of Liberty

World War 1: 20,000,000 Dead The entire map of Europe was redrawn. The once powerful Central Power countries of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire were brought low and their countries were divided. Russia no longer had a Tzar, but a communist dictator named Lenin. Large swaths of land across Europe were destroyed. The Middle East was recreated by Britain and France. In varying degrees, all world events afterwards were shaped by it. Put simply, the world would never be the same. Although the carnage was far removed from the United States, the war had its effects there as well. After the war, the United States became a louder voice on the international stage, although it did not join the League of Nations. Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points were influential among the Allies and how Europe would be reshaped after the war. The old days of relative isolation were gone. The war had consequences at home for the US as well. After the declaration of war, the Wilson a

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